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Welcome to Divas Amsterdam Escort agencyl we are a professional Amsterdam escort agency providing beautiful and intelligent escort girls for outcall in Amsterdam and all over the Netherlands. Our discrete escort service is well known, as one of the top escort agencies in Amsterdam.

At Divas Amsterdam Escort we pride ourselves on listening to our customers to deliver the best possible service. Finding the ideal escort is more than just how she looks, it's the total package, which can make all the difference. Take your time an browse through our sexy escorts in Amsterdam and once you've decided give us a call.

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Amsterdam Escort Services

Hotel Escort Service

We offer a professional Amsterdam hotel escort service. Our girls are discreet and well versed in maintaining a low profile. Provide us with a location and time, and we will delivery your escort straight to your hotel door at a time that is convenient for you.

High-Class Amsterdam Prostitutes

Our High-Class Prostitutes are ideal for those men looking for refined call girls. High-class Amsterdam prostitutes are regarded as the cream of the crop and represent the pinnacle of escort girls. Well-spoken, educated and beautifully presented they are suited for any situation. For men that are looking for an experience that is more akin to a real-world scenario must consider this escort service as their first choice. Coupled with the Girlfriend Experience (GFE), this service is both engaging and memorable. Additionally, men entering this world for the first time might also consider using this service.

Escort City Tours in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a vibrant and exciting city with many attractions. Why not get one of our girls to show you around. There is nothing more special than seeing a city with a beautiful lady on your arm. Make this stay an unforgettable one.

Dinner Date with a High-Class Escort in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has some of the best restaurants and coffee shops in Europe. We offer a dinner date service whereby you can take a girl out for the night and wine and dine her to eventually finish up with you and her in the throes of passion

Amsterdam Party Girls

Our party girls are Amsterdam escorts who are up for almost anything. They are perfect to have a hotel party or go out to a nightclub. As their names suggest, they are the party girls of the escort agency. So, if you are looking for a wild party with your friends, then these Amsterdam escorts are perfect.

Companion Escort Service

Companion Amsterdam Escorts are girls that offer a non-sex service. This service is more about companionship. In other words, where spending time with a gorgeous lady is the main objective, as opposed to having sex. This escort service is perfect for those men who are lonely or need some female time without the added pressure of getting physical. The experience can be as fulfilling and can often provide excellent value to our customers. Activities, like going for a walk or having an afternoon glass of wine, can be enriching. Underestimating the importance of human contact and engagement can not be overstated. But what makes this service so effective is that although the main objective is not to have sex, knowing that adds that something extra to the equation. If you have been out of the dating game for some time, we would wholeheartedly recommend you book one of our Companion Amsterdam Prostitute.

A-Level Escorts Amsterdam

More than 80% of men have at one point in time wanted to perform Anal Sex in their life. Unfortunately, a significant proportion of them has never tried it. But why? Anal sex is considered one of those taboo subjects. Men are often too afraid to discuss this topic with fear that their partner will look at them in a disapproving manner. The reality, however, in many cases, could not be further from the truth. Many women find anal sex exciting and pleasurable, and it is only how the subject is introduced that's the main barrier to entry. Our Anal Amsterdam escorts offer anal sex to customers so that they may fulfil this sexual need, and for many, this might be their first time.

BDSM Amsterdam Escort Service

This is one topic that for most is seriously unknown. BDSM has since the beginning of time been relegated to the shadows of society. The lack of understanding about BDSM service has meant most look at this with disapproving eyes. What most people do not know is that people who are partaking in BDSM make up a significant percentage of the population. Many of our outcall prostitutes offer a subset of this service. We should make it clear that for safety reason our girls will only partake in dominant roles meaning the customer is required to be submissive. We also do not provide extensive equipment and expect the customer to provide these. That being said, for those customers who are ordering our BDSM escort service to their hotels, we do find creative ways to make up for the lack of equipment. Please ensure you explicitly book this service as not all girls provide BDSM in Amsterdam.

Swingers Clubs and Swinger Parties

Many swingers clubs require females to accompany men for obvious reasons. Our swingers club escort service provides men with the ability to book one of our lovely escorts in Amsterdam to join them for a night out. However, there are some restrictions. This service does not imply that the escort will have sex with multiple partners, instead, they are with you have a companion so that you may enter into the more exclusive swinger parties and clubs. Your escort will have sex with you, of course, but not other people unless she agrees and this will most likely come with an additional cost. It should also be noted that most prostitutes in Amsterdam do not offer this service, so you must check which call girls are available.

Duo Amsterdam Escort Girls

Ever had the fantasy of being with two women at the same time. Well, then this is your opportunity to make your fantasy a reality. Why not try our Duo Amsterdam Escort service, two escorts pleasing you at the same time is an experience you will never forget.

Our Duo Amsterdam Escort Experience is not just two sexy escort girls devoted entirely to you. When escorts work in tandem, they can perform sexual acts not possible with a single escort. Additionally, the visual appeal and double the pleasure makes this escort service one of the unique in the business.

Amsterdam Escorts for Couples

Our Amsterdam couples escorts are especially suited for couples looking to inject some sexual variation into their relationship. Couples who are sexually free will love our couples escorts. With no strings attached, our girls are perfect for experimenting without the threat of relationship complications often seen at swingers parties.

Amsterdam Prostitutes and How Things Work

Is this your first time with an Amsterdam Prostitute or maybe your first time with an escort in general. Are you worried that you won't know what to do? Are you struggling to understand how things are working? Is the whole experience starting to become a bit overwhelming? Then let us put your mind at ease. Our Amsterdam prostitutes have been specially trained to help first-time customers ease into the experience. There will be no awkward moments as our girls lead you through your sexual experience. Our prostitute girls are experts in their field and know what men want. They are also very in tune with reading men and thus adapt to what you want without asking questions. In other words, you don't need to know anything about the prostitution business in order to book.

How to Book a Prostitute in Amsterdam

Booking a prostitute in Amsterdam could not be easier. Simply follow these necessary steps, and within next to no time, you will have one of our sexy ladies at your door.

1. Choose your Escort

The first thing you need to do is go to our website and select one of our outcall girls. Our escort gallery has made girls in all shapes and sizes. So finding something you like shouldn't be a problem. It is always a good idea to select more than one girl just in case she is not available for the time you want. It will also give the escort agency flexibility regarding your booking.

2. Decide on Booking Details

Now that you have chosen your ultimate escort girl, its time to select a date and time. Our escort services run from late afternoon into the early hours of the morning. Please ensure you book at least 30 minutes before your expected delivery time. We also do not recommend customers booking months or weeks in advance as many factors can change for both you and the girl during this period.

3. Decide on the Services you Want

One of the final steps in the booking process is to consider what escort services you would like to book. This is an essential step because certain girls perform certain services. So to match you with the right escort, we need to know if you require any specialised escort services. If you are looking for the standard escort service, then don't worry about the step and move on to the final phase of the booking.

4. Phone and Book your Escort

The final phase in the booking process is to give us a call and make your booking. Our friendly phone operators will guide you through the booking process in a few quick minutes.

Amsterdam Escorts take GFE to new Heights

In recent times men ordering Amsterdam escort girls have started wanting more than the cold pornstar experience being offered by most. As a result, our Girlfriend Experience has been growing by leaps and bounds. The GFE escort service gives men the warmth and personal touch currently missing. Most men like to talk about sex like they are the king of the jungle, but in reality, many of them are looking for companionship and the company of a caring woman. Our Girlfriend experience offers Amsterdam escort girls who will kiss and cuddle our clients. The primary objective is to provide escort services with feelings and passion. So, if you are looking for an escort experience which is warmer and more caring, then this is the service for you.

Erotic Amsterdam Massages

Amsterdam erotic massages are one of the best ways in which you can have both a relaxing and sexual experience at the same time. Unlike regular massages in Amsterdam, the erotic massage is sexually focused. For a man, the benefits of an erotic massage can be huge. Sexual tension can play a significant part in contributing to your stress and often lead to one not being focused. Our erotic massage service provides many different types of massages to fit every kind of need, making us the number one massage service in Amsterdam.

Nuru Massage Amsterdam

Our Nuru massage almost needs no introduction being one of the worlds most famous erotic massages it has a life of its own. If you want a lovely naked masseuse to massage you until you climax, then this is the Amsterdam massage for you.

Amsterdam Sex Massage

A lot of men, when getting an erotic massage, often want to take things further. As a result, we provided an Amsterdam Sex Massage service which includes both an erotic massage and sex. We should point out that all erotic massages can be converted into a sex massage should the need arise.

Body to Body Massage in Amsterdam

A combination between the Tantra Massage and Nuru Massage our Body to Body massage provides the ultimate in erotic massages in Amsterdam. This is the perfect erotic massage for the first-time customer. If you are undecided or overwhelmed by all the choices, then book this massage.

Double Erotic Amsterdam Massage

Last but not least, the Double Erotic Massage uses two masseuses to thrill you in ways you cannot imagine. Our girls will work together to both soothe and sexually arouse you to the point of climax. Visually exciting the Double Erotic Massage is one of our best erotic massage offerings.

Amsterdam Hotel Massage

A very popular erotic massage is the Amsterdam hotel massage as the name suggests its an erotic massage that takes place in the comfort of your hotel room. You might be wondering whether we bring a massage bed with us? This short answer is no. Instead, we make use of your bed which we think is far more erotic anyway. This massage service runs into the early hours of the morning, which makes it perfect for a late-night service where you need to unwind, relax and release some of that sexual tension.

Amsterdam Escort Girls in all Shapes and Sizes

At Divas, we have Amsterdam escort girls from all over Europe. Our selection of girls has been thoughtfully put together to try and have only the cream of the crop. While others might have a more extensive collection of Amsterdam escorts, we prefer to focus on quality rather than quantity. As a result, no matter what your fantasy is, we are confident that we will be able to satisfy your every need.

10 Most Commonly Asked Questions when ordering Escorts in Amsterdam

Is Prostitution in Amsterdam Legal?

Yes, being an Amsterdam prostitute is perfectly legal, and prostitution in Amsterdam is a well-established industry that has been running for many years. 

What is the difference between an Amsterdam Prostitute and Amsterdam Escort?

In theory, there is now no difference. At one point in time, the term escort was reserved for a more upscale escort service whereas prostitution services were seen as something lower class. This, however, is no longer the case and the two terms are now interchangeably used. So, when in Amsterdam and ordering an Amsterdam Prostitute or an Amsterdam Escort you will most likely see absolutely no difference. 

Is using an Escort in Amsterdam safe?

Yes, Amsterdam escorts and the sex industry as a whole in Amsterdam is exceptionally well run. Over the last few years, the authorities have worked tirelessly to eradicate related crimes. Amsterdam now has one of the best environments for escorts and clients alike. 

If I like the girl, can I extend my booking?

Yes, the policy at our escort agency is to allow clients to extend as much as they want. In rare cases, we will inform the client before their booking that the girl will be unavailable between certain hours. What this all means is that if you are having a good time, you have the flexibility to continue the goods times.

What happens if I don't like the girl when she arrives?

In the first 5 minutes of meeting your girl, you have a chance to evaluate her. This period ends the minute any sexual activity or transfer of money takes place for obvious reasons. If you do decide the cancel your booking, it is expected that you pay for the taxi costs. Typically taxi fees are included in the price.  

Is everything included in the price?

For all our standard packages on offer, everything is included, and there are no hidden costs. That said, if you want a specialised escort service, this will be additional. All extras can be bought during or before the booking. The reason we don't include absolutely everything in a single price is that it will increase the costs of our services and not all customers have the same needs. Our pricing strategy allows clients to only pay for what they require. 

Can I book an escort to my hotel in Amsterdam?

Yes, our Amsterdam hotel escort service is one of our most popular escort services on offer. Additionally, hotels are very accomodating regarding this subject and are well versed in dealing with escorts in their establishments. When booking an escort from us, we do check your hotel and will inform you if they do not allow escorts. It should be noted that hotels not allowing escorts are rare to the point where its not even a consideration anymore.

How do I book an escort without people knowing?

Most of our clients do not want the rest of the worlds to see that they are ordering an outcall escort. For this reason, our high-class escorts are discrete and maintain a low profile. Typically our girls blend into their surroundings and go undetected. This behaviour is our standard method of operating and therefore, does not need to be requested but instead assumed. Our girls typically wear smart casual clothes to bookings and look like most other guests. 

What happens to my contact details after the booking?

Customer details are kept for the duration of the escort reservation and then discarded usually before the next shift, which is to say about 12 hours. It's also worth noting that in Amsterdam, it is illegal for authorities (including the police) to view the details of escorts and or their clients, which means your details are safe from third-party eyes. We also have a strict policy never to contact a customer after the booking. In the case of credit card transactions, then, of course, a reference to your purchase will persist beyond the booking as mentioned earlier period.

Can I book escorts for a group of guys?

Yes, but it does come with a few restrictions for the safety of our girls. When booking escorts where there is more than one person, we ask that there is a one to one ratio, in other words, one girl to one guy. We also ask clients not to assume that an orgy is a foregone conclusion as this is highly dependant of the girls who have been booked. That said, we do try to recommend party girls for these situations as they are open to such conditions.

Do you deliver escorts to other countries?

We do not offer escorts outside of the Netherlands. This is because we are not able to maintain our girls' safety.

3 Ways to get Discounted Amsterdam Escort Prices

Regular Client Bookings

Our loyalty program rewards customers who book regularly. Usually, customers need to have booked at least three times before becoming eligible for reduced prices.

Extended Bookings and Multiple Hours

Clients who book multiple hours (above 4 hours) automatically get a reduced price. The more hours you book, the cheaper the hourly rate becomes. These reduced escort prices also apply for customers who extend their bookings.

Group Bookings with Multiple Escorts

Grouping bookings of multiple escorts taken for multiple hours automatically get reduced rates. For bachelor parties and orgies, our prices are unbeatable.

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