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主要资料图片 Belinda
主要资料图片 Belinda

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What is your fancy? Sensual and sexy Belinda is the Amsterdam Escort that wants you to dig into your erotic side and try out the things you always wanted to do but were too afraid to ask. This sultry temptress will beguile you with her beauty and take you places you have only had wet dreams about, and then take you even further. Surely that is what you want, the Amsterdam Experience that takes you out of your comfort zone and opens up new avenues to explore. Belinda loves these types of challenges, and her wild side will have you gasping for air and begging for more. Don’t take our word for it, when next you want to make a booking, ask for Belinda and experience her passion for yourself. Follow our online booking guide, Whatsapp or call us direct to enter your world of erotica.

年龄 23
国籍 匈牙利
头发的颜色 金发
眼睛 棕色
高度 5' 8"
重量 128 lbs
体型 苗条
测量 34B-32-34
罩杯尺寸 B
种植体 没有
年龄 23 国籍 匈牙利
头发的颜色 金发 眼睛 棕色
高度 5' 8" 重量 128 lbs
体型 苗条 测量 34B-32-34
罩杯尺寸 B 种植体 没有

today 率 Amsterdam Escorts Belinda

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1小时 160欧元
2小时 320欧元
4小时 600欧元
隔夜夜. 7小时 900欧元

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Belinda是惊险 23岁匈牙利用保驾护航金发头发和棕色的眼睛. 她有一个惊人的5' 8" 苗条的身体,并准备让你的梦想成现实

图片 Belinda
图片 Belinda
图片 Belinda

assignmentAmsterdam 护送服务

我们有一些伟大的护送服务,您可以尝试使用 Belinda.

Amsterdam Escorts 酒店服务: 令Belinda到你的酒店房间. 我们的护卫队可以送到你的房间在任何时候. 我们的伴游是专业和离散.
Amsterdam Escorts 晚餐约会: 为什么不吃吃喝喝Belinda,当你做完带她回酒店,让浪漫的开始. 我们的护卫,也适合于其他ocassions太多,只是让我们知道occassion让她可以穿着得体.
城市游: 允许Belinda带您参观阿姆斯特丹或任何其他荷兰城市. 就像有一个美丽的女人带你四处看看没什么. 作为我们护送住在城市,他们往往会知道这个城市的所有隐藏的宝石,乘虚而入
Amsterdam Escorts 情侣: 设Belinda告诉你和你的伴侣三人行如何香料的东西.
Amsterdam Escorts 按摩: 设Belinda删除所有的压力与深层按摩,将让你忘记所有的问题.

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Tel: 0031 620 145 884

Netherlands - Holland

person Amsterdam伴游

如果Belinda是不是为你保驾护航,为什么不试试我们的其他女人一. 如果你没有找到你所要寻找的,为什么不给我们打电话,我们经常会对我们可以推荐该网站未显示的其他陪同人员

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chevron_right Very polite, well-spoken and unhurried. Her beauty is better than her photos. I can't recommend Belinda enough.
chevron_right 100 per cent recommendable, perfect girl
chevron_right Had a great time, she is friendly, and provided all services you can imagine, Belinda also has a few tricks up her sleeve.
chevron_right Booked Belinda and Kayden for the night, what a combination, it was my first time with 2 girls, I promise you it will not be my last.


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